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   Tewet Philippines, Inc. is formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of Tewet AG a German Engineering Company based in Berlin, Germany. Tewet is an international company operating in Hongkong, Malaysia, Turkey, Germany and the Philippines. In 2014, Tewet Philippines becomes a Filipino owned company after Tewet AG's shares was taken over by Edgardo A. Acaba, the only Filipino shareholder.

    We are a team of highly diverse specialists with over 20 years of experience on Design, Engineering, Planning, Project Development, Project Management and Supervision, and successfully rising to growing challenges with regard to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, credibility, technology and security.

    As a local active company, we aid our clients with the right business partners on Business Development, Engineering Consultancy and comprehensive Project Management and Supervision. Our focus is to provide long term partnership and high quality engineering solutions in the fields of rail transportation, airport, energy and water.

    Tewet worldwide business partners, successfully maintained its absolute independence from industrial and operating companies. Therefore, our clients benefit from offers and solutions that are future-proof and cost-conscious. In this context, we take into consideration specified framework conditions and structures. By saving time and resources we contribute to our client’s success.

    Together with our clientele, partners, and skilled personnel, we design the future – step by step and every day new.

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